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The Nonwovens Institute (NWI) is a membership-based fundamental research institute serving leading companies/organizations across the nonwovens value chain, from raw material to end-use. NWI research aims to enable strategic R&D efforts by member companies who are seeking to forge next-generation fiber- and polymer-based materials and products. At the end of this value-added research pipeline are revolutionary and often life-enhancing products for both industrial and consumer markets. Research thrust areas are industry-selected and research results are considered proprietary to the Institute and its member companies.

NWI Labs

NWI member companies receive priority access and discounted rates to use the Institute’s world-class pilot and testing labs. Our facilities include lab-scale systems dedicated to polymer characterization, fiber extrusion and meltblown, with pilot facilities for bicomponent spunbond and meltblown, staple fiber, needle punching, hydroentangling, thermal bonding and web composite capability. Our analytical and filtration testing facilities offer the ability to analyze and evaluate material performance according to a wide range of industry-specific standard test methods.

The Industrial Advisory Board

NWI member companies are represented on the NWI Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) and vote on the selection of new fundamental research projects annually. The IAB is currently supported by a 10-member board of directors who serve on the Executive Committee of the IAB.  The Executive Committee meets regularly with the NWI leadership team and provides guidance on policy decisions, strategic planning, etc. 

NWI also has a Strategic Scientific Advisory Board (SSAB), elected by the IAB, which provides guidance to the NWI leadership team and the IAB with respect to the research portfolio and priorities in terms of research direction and research infrastructure. The SSAB Chair also sits on the IAB Executive Committee.

Research programs are developed jointly by NWI’s faculty, staff and the IAB. Representatives of NWI member companies have a shared voice in IAB proceedings.

The IAB is a forum for a candid discussion of the economic and scientific significance of NWI’s current and prospective research initiatives. The IAB also provides a venue where student, faculty and industry researchers can remain apprised of emerging challenges and opportunities facing the nonwovens industry.

Our Next IAB Meeting: Nov. 5-6, 2024

  • Recruiting Showcase: TBD
  • Executive Committee Meeting: TBD
  • IAB Student Research Presentations: Tue. Nov. 5 – Wed. Nov. 6
  • IAB Student Poster Session and Networking Reception: Tue. Nov. 5
  • NWI Pilot and Lab Facility Tour: TBD
  • IAB Networking Reception: Wed. Nov. 6
  • IAB Business and Project Review In-person:  Wed. Nov. 6

If you are an NWI member company and would like to register for the IAB meeting, please contact Jimei Wang at or +1 919-515-6582.

NWI Bylaws and Associated Materials

If you have questions about NWI or our service offering, please contact us at

NWI’s Current Members

Full Members

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Affiliate Members

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Start-Up Members

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Partner Organizations

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Emeritus Members

  • Subhash Batra, Founder, Nonwovens Cooperative Research Center
  • Bob Dale, former Berry Global
  • John Flood, former Kraton Polymers
  • Don Gilliespie, Fi-Tech Inc.; former Fleissner Inc.
  • Pierre Grondin, former Berry Global
  • Ralph Moody, former Berry Global
  • John Roberts, former ExxonMobil
  • Thomas Theyson, TensTech Inc.
  • Ed Thomas, former First Quality and Fiberweb Inc.
  • Carl Wust, former FiberVisions

NWI Member Benefits

NWI members enjoy a number of benefits, including:

  • Research Cost Avoidance and Research Amplification
    • Access to core research programs
    • Access to students and faculty
    • Voting rights to determine NWI’s research agenda
    • Members get access to more than 50 research projects
    • Access to NWI’s world-class subject matter expertise in nonwovens
  • Technology Transfer
    • Option to any IP developed through core research programs
    • Access to online research archives
    • Training programs at a discount
    • Free online training materials
    • Priority access and discounted rates to use NWI’s world-class fabrication and testing facilities
  • Service/Economic Development
    • Product development and analytical services at a discount
  • Networking
    • Access to NWI’s semi-annual Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) meetings
    • New Members Showcase at semi-annual IAB meetings
    • Marketing exposure on NWI website and social media
    • Networking with faculty, students and staff

If you have questions about NWI or our service offering, please contact us at