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Analytical and Physical Testing Lab

The Nonwovens Institute at North Carolina State University offers more than 60 analytical and physical tests for nonwoven materials, with strict adherence to standard test methods.

The expertise in NWI’s Analytical and Physical Testing Lab is rooted in more than 20 years of work with rigorous test methods for fibers and fabrics in nonwoven applications. This deep testing knowledge, combined with the state-of-the-art instruments housed in NWI’s Analytical and Physical Testing Lab, ensures precise and reliable results for our customers. And with the breadth of tests available, NWI offers the convenience of a trusted single-source provider for nonwovens testing.

NWI’s Analytical and Physical Testing Lab performs many of the ASTM and IST test methods, with an emphasis on testing fibers and nonwoven structures. In addition to standard test methods, the lab also offers several characterization methods, including SEM, DSC and TGA, it is certified ISO 9001, and it operates according to GMP supported by a strong set of standard operating procedures.

Why test your nonwovens at NWI?

  • Decades of in-house testing experience
  • More than 60 testing instruments available
  • Strict adherence to ASTM and IST test methods
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • Strict adherence to GMP and SOPs
  • Highly competitive pricing model
  • Quick turnaround times

Unique capabilities include:

  • Keyence digital microscope
  • Optical fiber orientation analysis system
  • Optical texture analysis system
  • Optical fabric uniformity system
  • Optical fuzz and pilling analysis system
  • Full line of image analysis software

If you wish to use the pilot equipment or have some testing done at NWI, you will need to have a Fabrication and Testing Agreement in place.

If you have questions about NWI’s analytical and physical testing services, please email us at

Available tests & specifications

Analytical & Physical Testing
Measure absorbency time, absorbency capacity and wicking rateIST 10.1, EDANA 10.1.72, ASTM D1117-95
Bursting Resistance
DiaphragmIST 30.1 (ASTM D3786, TAPPI T403 om-91)
Bending Stiffness
CantilevelIST 90.1
Static and kineticIST 140.1
Abrasion Resistance
Flexing & AbrasionIST 20.2 (ASTM D3885)
Oscillatory CylinderIST 20.3 (ASTM D4157)
Rotary PlatformIST 20.4 (ASTM D3884)
MartindaleIST 20.5 (ASTM D4966)
Uniform Abrasion MethodIST 20.6 (ASTM D4158)
Inflated DiaphragmIST 20.1 (ASTM D3886-92)
AirIST 70.1 (ASTM D737)
Capillary Flow Porometer
Water Vapor (Moccon)ASTM D6701
Repellency ASTM D6701
Penetration By Water (Hydrostatic Test)IST 80.4 (AATCC 127)
Tear Resistance
ElmendorfIST 100.1 (ASTM D5734)
TrapezoidIST 100.2 (ASTM D5733)
TongueIST 100.3 (ASTM D2261)
GrabIST 110.1 (ASTM D5034)
Seam StrengthIST 110.2 (ASTM D1683)
StripIST 110.4 (ASTM D5035)
Conventional NonwovensIST 120.1 (ASTM D5729)
Highloft Nonwovens: Compression & RecoveryIST 120.2 (ASTM D5736)
Mass/Unit Area Of Conventional FabricsIST 130.1 (ASTM D3776)
Mass/Unit Area Of Nonwoven FabricsIST 130.2
Fiber Analysis
Quantitative AnalysisIST 170.1
Fiber Crimp MeasurementASTM D3937
FavimatIST 180.1 (ASTM D4271)

If you have questions about NWI’s analytical and physical testing services, please email us at