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Mark Pankow Ph.D.

Adjunct Faculty, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, NC State University

Engineering Building III, Room 3284


Dr. Pankow joined the faculty at North Carolina State University in 2012. Prior to joining NCSU he was a post-doc at the ARMY Research Laboratory and earned his Ph.D in mechanical engineering from the University of Michigan. During his tenure at NC State, he has taught Aero Structures (MAE 371) and Solid Mechanics (MAE 314), composites (MAE 472) on the undergraduate level as well as Experimental Mechanics (MAE 589) and Mechanics of Composite Structures (MAE 537) on the graduate level.

Dr. Pankow specializes in mechanics of materials especially looking at materials subjected to high rates of loading. This includes, blast, ballistic, and high-speed impact. He has performed extensive dynamic characterization on materials from metals to composites to understand how their material properties change as a function of loading rate. His research group is both experimental and computational in nature with about a 60/40 split respectively.


Bachelor's Degree Mechanical Engineering California Polytechnic State University 2005

Master's Degree Mechanical Engineering University of Michigan 2007

Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering University of Michigan 2010

Area(s) of Expertise

Materials in Extreme Environments
Composite Materials