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Jan Genzer Ph.D.

S. Frank & Doris Culberson Distinguished Professor, NC State University

Associate Department Head

Engineering Building I (EB1) 2088H


The Genzer group research interests include: (1) materials self-assembly and directed assembly, and (2) the behavior of polymers at surfaces, interfaces and in confined geometries. While the core program of our research encompasses mostly various experimental approaches, in our work we also utilize simple chemical synthesis routes and computer simulation/theory. Our current research activities in the group can be broadly divided into three main areas:

  • Pattern Recognition by Copolymers
  • Directed Assembly of Oligomers and Polymers on Elastomeric Substrates
  • Molecular Gradients on Substrates


Ph.D. Materials Science and Chemical Engineering University of Pennsylvania 1996

B.S. Materials Science and Chemical Engineering Prague Institute of Chemical Technology 1989


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