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Morton Barlaz Ph.D.

Distinguished University Professor, Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering, NC State University

Fitts-Woolard Hall 3327


Dr. Barlaz’s research interests are in the area of solid waste engineering with a specific emphasis on (1) biological and chemical processes in landfills and (2) the use life-cycle analysis to evaluate the economic and environmental performance of integrated solid waste management systems.

Biological, chemical and physical processes all affect the decomposition of municipal solid waste (MSW) in landfills as well as the behavior of trace waste components such as organics and metals. I am interested in all aspects of solid waste behavior in landfills and conduct research that ranges from fundamental studies of the microbial ecology of landfills to more applied studies on the effect of various industrial wastes on refuse decomposition and gas generation. Current research is focused on factors that contribute to the generation and accumulation of heat in landfills and the microbial ecology of anaerobic digestors during food waste decomposition.


Ph.D. Civil and Environmental Engineering Univ. of Wisconsin - Madison 1988

M.S. Civil and Environmental Engineering Univ. of Wisconsin - Madison 1985

B.S. Chemical Engineering Univ. of Michigan - Ann Arbor 1978

Area(s) of Expertise

Chemical and biological processes as they apply to decomposition in landfills,
the application of life-cycle analysis to solid waste management


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