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[2-Minute Tutorial] Nonwoven Product Development and Innovation

Nonwoven Product Development and Innovation Short Course

The following tutorial provides a brief discussion of the process and key considerations required to maximize the opportunity for success in developing new nonwoven products and scaling them up for commercialization. The material is based on a segment of the upcoming Nonwoven Product Development and Innovation Short Course, which will be presented Aug. 13-16, by The Nonwovens Institute in partnership with INDA, Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry.

“Product development is really a multi-disciplinary function, which involves not only professionals working in R&D and product development directly, but also purchasing and finance, sales and marketing, etc.,” said Behnam Pourdeyhimi, Ph.D., executive director of The Nonwovens Institute (NWI). “Everybody at the company who has a responsibility for the business needs to become familiar with product development. They need to understand their roles and responsibilities in helping move a product through a stage-gate. Without all of these puzzle pieces in place, the likelihood that a new product will come together and achieve a level of success in the marketplace diminishes significantly.”

Attendees to the Nonwoven Product Development and Innovation Short Course will:

  • Understand relationships and team dependencies between product design, manufacturing, purchasing, marketing and business disciplines.
  • Learn critical product development methodologies and tools to help ensure success (patent landscape, innovation culture, commercialization strategy, etc.)
  • Get hands-on experience with a real-world product development exemplar in NWI’s state-of-the-art fabrication and testing labs, taking your product from lab to pilot scale and final testing.

A recent attendee to this course noted:

“Definitely the next step needed for my professional growth journey. I can’t wait to start implementing these learnings in my day-to-day adventures at work. We even got a chance to be hands on by processing our very own wipe prototypes!” — Chief Science Officer, Fiber Producer

Are you interested in attending the Nonwoven Product Development and Innovation Short Course?

The Nonwoven Product Development and Innovation Short Course is part of a series of workforce development opportunities being offered by NWI and INDA this year. For the full schedule of upcoming NWI/INDA training courses, click here.