Forming Filters for Masks

The past year has been unprecedented.  The Nonwovens Institute has worked tirelessly to produce various forms of filter media.  The institute also expanded its filtration testing and prototyping facilities significantly and has helped various companies test and validate their structures and designs.

The pandemic is not over yet and while we all look forward to getting vaccinated and getting back to some degree of normalcy, it will still take some time to get there…

In the meantime, NWI will continue with its efforts of supplying filters and other structures as needed, but we also have resumed fully all other activities including pilot trials, training courses, and beyond.  We look forward to returning fully to in-person events in the Fall.

The Nonwovens Institute has spent a lot of effort in developing high-efficiency spunbond filter media.  The efficiency can easily surpass the highest level of the new ASTM barrier mask (F3502-21) measured on TSI 8130 for a single layer.  For more information, contact us by email at

The Nonwovens Institute will continue its efforts in dealing with the current crisis and will be happy to engage in a dialog.