NWI Board Members Select New Research Projects

At the May meeting of the Industrial Advisory Board, the members selected 9 projects for funding out of 29 proposals submitted.  The list is shown below.

If you have questions or would like to use the pilot facilities, please send an email to NWI questions.

Lead PI University Project Title
Spontak NC State Photoactive Polymers for Anti-Infective Materials
Parsons NC State Intrinsically Microporous Nonwovens
Menegatti NC State Stimuli-Responsive Hydrogels in Nonwoven Fabrics as Membranes for Programmable Transport/Blocking of Moisture and Small Molecules
Shim NC State The Role of Spinneret Configurations on Hollow Fiber Formation and Nonwoven Properties
Shim NC State Fundamental Study of Polymer Blends and Their Impact on Melt Spinning Process and Fiber/Nonwoven Properties
Demirci University of Loughborough, UK Parametric Modeling of Mechanical Performance of Nonwovens for Design and Manufacturing
Yarin University of Illinois at Chicago Bonding Area/Pattern That Affect the Properties of Nonwoven: Experiments and Modeling
Hanna Virginia Tech. Mechanics of Pleating
Shokufar University of Illinois at Chicago Bacteria-Surface Adhesion Interactions: New Perspectives in Antifouling Surface Design