NWI Consortium

Why join NWI?

Members enjoy a number of benefits from participating in NWI as a member.  These are:
  • Research Cost Avoidance & Research Amplification
    Access to core research programs
    Access to students, faculty, and staff
    Voting rights to determine research agenda
    Members get access to more than 50 research projects
  • Technology Transfer
    Option to any IP developed through core research programs
    Access to online research archives
    Training programs at a discount
    Free online course materials
  • Service/Economic Development
    Product development & analytical services at a discount
  • Networking
    New members showcase at IAB
    Marketing on NWI website
    Industrial networking at the semi-annual meeting
    Networking with various faculty, students, and staff

For details about membership categories and the benefits of membership, please send an email to nonwovens@ncsu.edu.

Membership Documents
NWI Membership Agreement Template
NWI Bylaws
IAB Approved Policies