Graduate Programs

The Nonwovens Institute doesn’t offer Masters or Doctoral degree programs currently. Instead, NWI supports select graduate students in carrying out research in the field of nonwovens in the degree program of their choice. NWI supports students from a number of academic programs including Fiber and Polymer Science, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Paper Science and Engineering, and Bioengineering as well as students in various engineering programs at partner Institutions.

Our students will graduate with a degree in the discipline to which they are admitted, but their research will be focused on a topic of relevance to nonwovens.  The research projects are developed by faculty and selected by NWI member companies.  Students are selected based on their academic performance and capability with the industry-selected research programs.  The proposal selection process is a competitive process and NWI does support the submission and selection of research proposals from faculty at other universities.

The process for applying for an NWI assistantship is as follows:

  • Student must apply to NC State University graduate school and academic unit of interest
  • Student must be accepted into graduate school and admitted into the relevant degree program
  • Student should send an email to NWI with resume and research areas of interest after they have enrolled in a graduate program. These will be forwarded to the faculty members whose projects have been selected for funding.
  • The faculty members will contact the students if their background and research interests and academic records match their needs.

NC State University is dedicated to equality of opportunity. The University does not condone discrimination against students, employees, or applicants in any form.  NC State commits itself to positive action to secure equal opportunity regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, religion, sex, age, or disability.  In addition, NC State welcomes all persons without regard to sexual orientation.

Research Review Meetings

This page is intended for investigators who have an active funded project.

The semi-annual Industrial Advisory Board meeting is held twice per year in the Fall (November) and Spring (May). The first half-day and full second day are for Core Research Reviews. The morning of the third day is for the Members’ Business Meeting. The faculty investigators and students working on Core Projects must attend the research reviews, but cannot attend the business meeting.

It is required that you prepare:

  1. A written semi-annual report
  2. A one-pager
  3. A PowerPoint presentation
  4. A poster

In the first IAB meeting after initiating a project, the PI and Student are responsible for submitting a poster, a one-pager, and report; and thereafter, it is mandatory that the PI and the student submit a report, a one-pager, a presentation, and a poster.

Role of PIs at the IAB Research Reviews

The membership has requested that PIs be present at the meeting to ensure that they are aware of the interactions between the student and the membership.

The PI must ensure that the presentation by the student covers the following:

  1. Project goals
  2. Project relevance to the industry
  3. Status at last report
  4. Overview of the presentation

The presentation must follow the template provided by NWI below.

The talk should be planned for the time duration shown on the agenda including approximately 5 minutes for questions.

IAB Meeting – May 2023

– NWI Recruiting Showcase Online:  Fri., May 5, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm (tentative)
– IAB student presentation In-person: May 16, 12 pm – May 17, 5 pm
– IAB Student Poster Session In-person: Tues.  May 16, 4:45 pm – 6:30 pm

IAB Student and PI need to register through reporter [link]


  • IAB Report + 1 pager / Initial Literature Report Due: April 18th
  • IAB Presentation, Poster, & Literature Review Due: April 22nd (non-core projects must first confirm ok to share info).

Please make sure that you meet the deadlines for the submission of reports and presentations. Reports and Presentations received after the deadline will not be distributed to the member companies. No exceptions will be made.

Reports and Presentations Guidelines

All principal investigators are responsible for their students providing a report and a slide presentation for this meeting. The formats for each are provided in templates. It is very important, and a condition for continued financial support by the center, that reports and slides be presented in the required format, and by the deadline specified.

Report Template

Download IAB Report Template

Please provide your reports (full and 1 pager) in PDF format. We do not need the Word file anymore.

Please format the file name as such: 16-192SB-iab-one-pager-may-2019 and 16-192SB-iab-meeting-report-may-2019. Change to Nov in November and update the year.

Email both to Tom Daugherty and Benoit Maze.

Presentation Template

Download IAB Presentation Template (wide)

Presentation PDF Guidelines

Go to file > print

  • Select your pdf converter (e.g. Adobe PDF, PDF Factory Pro, etc)
  • Do not include page numbers when creating the PDF
  • Do not include your Thank you slide or backup slides when creating the PDF

Please provide your presentation in both .pptx and .pdf format.

Please format the file name as such: 16-192SB-iab-presentation-may-2019

Email both to Tom Daugherty and Benoit Maze. Use a file-sharing system if the size is too large for email.

Presentation PPTX Guidelines

Please remove the watermark in the slide master as it can make things difficult to read. The watermark is here for the pdf file.

IAB Templates