Trial Agreement and Templates

If you wish to use the pilot equipment or have some testing done, you will need to have a Fabrication & Testing Agreement in place

For each pilot equipment, we provide the following guidelines and templates. The guidelines contain the specification of the relevant machinery as well as the cost of using the various options. The trial plan provides a starting point outline of important test configuration options and choices, as well as test matrix design to ensure needs are met.

R4/R4s Spunbond – 1.2 m wide
R4 Meltblown – 1.2 m wide
Staple – 1.2 to 1.5 m wide
Fiber Science
Coating & Lamination

We are also centralizing how we manage trials and their coordination.  If you have an interest in running a trial, please send a request to and we will then take care of your needs