Pilot Manufacturing

DSCN1768The NWI plays a key role in development and transformation of the latest innovations into marketable fiber based systems ready for shipment to commercial, consumer and industrial users around the world. The Institute helps nonwovens companies meet product development objectives through access to the Institute’s state-of-the-art pilot and testing facilities at North Carolina State University’s Centennial Campus in Raleigh. NWI support for product development extends from concept to full commercialization. The extensive pilot facilities were designed for flexibility to allow researchers and engineers the ability to create a wide variety of nonwoven structures and composites. NWI works in a confidential environment and the outcomes are considered proprietary to the sponsoring organization and the Institute.

If you have questions or would like to use the pilot facilities, please send an email to NWI questions.

Staple Nonwovens Pilot Facility

  • Truetzschler feeding, opening and blending systems
  • 1 m Standalone Truetzschler Scanfeed for high loft structures
  • 1 m Truetzschler High-Speed Card EWK 413
  • 1 m thermal calendar
  • Asselin Profile 415-FD crosslaper
  • 1.5 m Truetzschler Nonwovens Needle Loom ENL (single board)
  • 1.5 m Asselin A.50-RL Needle Loom (4 board)
  • 1.5 Fleissner Oven
  • 1.5 Parkinson Winder

Meltspinning & Laminatin Nonwoven Pilot Facilities

  • 1 m Reifenhauser-Reicofil Meltblown Line equipped with a number of cassettes
    • Single Row Reicofil Cassette
      • 20, 25, 35, and 45 holes per inch
    • Multi Row Biax Cassette
      • 6 Rows (3300 capillaries)
  • 0.6 m Bicomponent Spunbond Line (Hills-Nordson) with in-line
    • Calender (smooth and point bond)
    • Fleissner Aquajet Hydroentangling Unit
    • Fleissner Through Air Dryer
    • A.Celli Windy Winder
  • 1 m Lamination Line with
    • Nordson Glue Applicator
    • Hermann Ultrasonic Laminator
  • 1 m Extrusion Coating Line (Planned second quarter 2016)

New Nonwoven Pilot Facilities – Operational First Quarter 2017

The new equipment will be housed in a new building currently under construction and is expected to arrive in November of 2016.  Following installation and commissioning, the line will be available in first quarter of 2017 for customer trials.  The line will feature:

  • 1 m Reifenhauser-Reicofil Bicomponent Spunbond (R4 and R4s Capable) LineR4
    • Bico Spunbondline S/S S/C Segmented/pie and others capable for Polyester and PP (ratios 50/50 – 90/10)
    • Spinning width 1100 mm, web width 1100
    • Throughput PP 270 kg/h/m
    • Throughput PET 400 kg/h/m
    • Denier range 1 – 3, 2 – 5 den
    • Drying equipment
    • 1 m ANDRITZ Calender (smooth and point bond with several bond patterns)Andritz
    • 1 m ANDRITZ Hydroentangling Unit
    • 1 m Kiss-roll
    • 1 m ANDRITZ Through Air Dryer
    • 1 m Celli Winder and Slitter

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