Modeling And Simulation

NWI offers custom developed modeling and simulation services with powerful computing resources combined with in-house simulation software as well as commercially proven software technologies to bring together unique and unrivaled solutions. The lab offers an in-house code and commerical codes for 2D and 3D web generation. The generated structures can provide information on pore size distribution, solid volume fraction, or can be used to simulate fluid flow through them. In addition to fibrous media, fluid flow through micronozzles or around defined structure are also possible. The team also has experience in particle flow including: cake effect on filters, particle deposition in micro-nozzles and particle path lines inside or outside structures.

If you have questions or would like to discuss a custom project, please send an email to NWI questions.

The Modeling and Simulation lab offers a versatile infrastructure including:

Simulation & modeling software

  • Gambit (structure & mesh generation)
  • Fluent (CFD simulation)
  • Ansys (Finite element modeling)
  • GeoDict (3D microstructure simulations)
  • Matlab (Numerical modeling)
  • Tecplot (Post-processing)

In-house developed software

  • 3DNWSim (2D & 3D generation)