Imaging And Microscopy

texture analysisThe Nonwovens Institute offers custom developed equipment and software as well as commercially proven technologies to bring together unique and unrivaled solutions. NWI has the capability to measure a fiber morphology, uniformity, ODF; perform texture analysis; perform SEM, AFM, XPS, and TOF-SIMS analysis through cooperation with AIF, NCSU.

If you have questions or would like to discuss a custom project, please send an email to NWI questions.

Some Unique Capabilities

  • Bright Field-Polarization Microscopy
  • Interference Microscopy
  • Stereomicroscopy with Fluorescent capability
  • Optical Fiber Orientation Analysis System
  • Optical Texture Analysis System
  • Optical Fabric Uniformity System
  • Optical Fuzz & Pilling Analysis System
  • 3D DVI Imaging
  • Full line of Image Analysis Software

Additional Information